A time of change

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A time of change


Gabrielle Demko







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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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Before Covid-19 came into the United States, life was normal. We could go to class in person, go to events like the campus parties, and see our friends without being six feet apart. Now, I haven't seen my friends since beginning of March, classes are online on D2L and we are all having classes on what we call "Zoom University". I am now doing all my school work in bed at my families house. You can't visit any stores without wearing a mask but there has been speculation on if wearing a mask will actually keep you from getting Covid-19. There is political conspiracy now. that if covid-19 is actually coming from a man eating a bat in china or if the democrats in the United State government is using this as a ploy to win the upcoming elections. There are many conspiracy theories, but the only thing that is not a theory is life is rough during covid-19 and I can't wait to be back into a normal routine and be back at Shippensburg University.



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