A New Life

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A New Life


Adrian Perez







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Today is April 20th, 2020, and life is not what it was a year ago, or even 3 months ago. We live in a new world, one where we fear for our safety, sanitize everything, and most importantly, stay indoors. It feels like its been ages since I was able to eat out at a restaurant or hang out with colleagues, and I know many people will agree with me. Being a college student, this affected me and other students in many different ways. When we started this year, we were ready to make the most of the remaining semester and make it to summer vacation, but everything changed, and it changed rather quickly. It started off by the university giving us an extended spring break, so it was no big deal, but soon after, they informed us that we'd be moving online. When I heard the news, I was a bit confused at how the rest of the semester was going to pan out, but luckily so far, it seems that everything has worked out. Classes aren't quite what they used to be however. With some teachers, they go above and beyond with giving us material to look over and quizzes to make sure we are completing our assignments and recording lectures, as if we never left, but with other teachers it can be a completely different story. Talking to a few friends who go to other Universities as well, they've come across professors like this as well. They put out material, and we teach ourselves essentially. No lectures or a lot of engagement to help us, rather notes and power points that can be confusing to understand without a lecture. There could be much better communication to the class, as I know other students are struggling as well. Although, having said that, the transition to online classes has been quite smooth for the majority of classes. Also, the fact that I can "attend" classes and "work" from the comfort of my room is never something to complain about. One thing that I have been wondering about was how everything would be once all of this is over. Will schools and jobs go back to being just the way they used to be, or will this change how society functions as a whole? Now that I'm essentially stuck at home, I've had a lot of time for myself to think about these things and have had to find new ways to stay productive like I was at school. Since gyms are closed, every workout I do is from home, with the exception of me going out for bike rides, although I admit, I do miss riding around campus, getting from one place to the next. I've also had a lot of time with my family that I would've never gotten if it hadn't been for the corona virus. My main hope is that everything goes back to the way it was before and that hopefully, the next semester things are normal again. I miss having that independent factor in my life, and most importantly, the freedom everyone took for granted. We wouldn't bat an eye if we were going to the movies or to the grocery store. Nowadays, movie theaters aren't even an option and when going shopping, you must wear a mask. In the future, when I'm looking back at this, hopefully I can say I spent my time well, but this is definitely a dose of reality and reminding you what you had. I look forward to being able to leave my house again whenever I want, and I'm positive I speak for everyone when I say that.



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