What a day in quarantine looks like

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What a day in quarantine looks like


Adisson Hansel







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Snyder County, Pennsylvania

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It's definitely an adjustment for my entire family. I live with my grandmother, my grandfather, my brother and my sister. My brother and sister are younger than me, and they are in kindergarten and pre-school respectively. They are close in age; at least closer then I am to them as an 18 year old. They miss school, even if they don't verbalize it, you can tell. They started fighting more and they talk about their school friends. They get restless. We all do, actually. We are all out of jobs at the moment. We love each other but we don't enjoy spending this much time together. My Gram likes her alone time, but it's nearly impossible when her sole responsibility is taking care of the kids. I watch them, too, but I dislike how much they fight and how loud they are. My brother is special needs, and he likes to be loud. The kids are not easy to please, like I said, they are restless and sick of being stuck in the house. My Pap is outside most of the time working on the garden or working on the house. I haven't seen my boyfriend in a while, but I know he feels similar to me. He's sick of being stuck at home. Online classes aren't very fun, and it was an adjustment I didn't know I had to make. I wasn't very prepared. None of us were, really. I like to be mentally prepared when I start things, even if it's something small. I hope everyone is healthy and staying inside.



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