The Unfortunate events of COVID-19

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The Unfortunate events of COVID-19


Ashley Dixon







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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

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The beginning of spring 2020, sitting in a classroom full of my peers and learning about a virus that was half way across the world that we were oblivious of even thinking would ever effect us, made its way into our lives. From the beginning I believed COVID-19 would blow over; maybe a few months or so. However, I was not expecting it to change the norms of society. One day everything is practical, the next day everything drastically changes. Though I could get into the whole thing about the masks and keeping six feet from others, living on my own is where I want to start. When the virus first began and everyone on campus had to move out so quickly, I did not have a home to go to and had no idea where I would end up. I jumped from house to house, hotel to hotel with being so used to living on campus. It was not an easy journey the last two semester breaks and still have no place to go outside of Shippensburg PA. However, I live off campus now thankfully so I am able to have a place I can finally call home without having to worry about moving constantly.



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