Last days of Senior year 2020

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Last days of Senior year 2020


When we were sent home because of the virus, many of our school activities were just ending as well. I was looking forward to my last musical, play, and choir concert. While many of those things were miniscule compared to the devastation the virus caused, I was still looking forward to those things. Many of our community members felt sad that the highschool seniors did not get to experience their last days of high school, so they set up a few programs for the students. Parents started “Adopt a senior”, which consisted of parents sponsoring seniors and helping them transition into college life. The video that I've submitted is part of the many programs we had. In this video, a junior at my high school decided to do an artistic piece on all of the things the seniors were supposed to do but missed. My fellow classmates and I stood outside of our homes and wrote on the white board something we were supposed to do. In mine I wrote “I was supposed to sing at my last Gospel concert”, while it seems small; I was a section leader that year and I had been working really hard on the concert and It meant a lot to me.


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