Covid killed my first semester

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Covid killed my first semester


Brandon Weinstein


Fall 2020





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Shippensburg University, Pennsylvania

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My story with Covid during the Fall semester is probably similar to others. When the semester started everything was fine because it was a whole new situation but once I got used to living alone and being responsible for myself I realized how much covid was restricting my life. The rules to keep us safe made it almost impossible to become good friends with anyone, especially people out of your dorm building. You could meet people at events but not being able to hangout made it difficult for me to take that next step from acquaintance to friend. This led to me feeling very alone and losing all my motivation to do anything which in turn saw a decrease in my grades, appetite, and physical/mental well-being. I lost ten pounds, which is bad because I was 150 pounds at almost sic feet tall, because I just laid in bed and would go 2-3 days without eating. Since I was in a horrible mental/physical state I resorted to leaving campus around lunch time Friday and not coming back until late Thursday nights. I'm really hoping a lot of the restrictions are lifted and things can be almost normal. This upcoming fall semester has me pretty excited because I feel it will be better.



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