Senior Year During the Pandemic

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Senior Year During the Pandemic


Myvyen Porter







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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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During this pandemic many things have changed. One thing that changed was our senior year traditions. Schools closed on a Tuesday in march and we did not think quarantine was gonna last this long. My school decided to go online for two weeks, hoping that we would be able to go back to in person learning. However, two weeks turned into two months. They postponed prom twice but ended up cancelling it. They even cancelled our trip. For graduation they tried to get a bigger venue, but we just ended up having a live stream video on YouTube. Our picture, name, activities and programs we were involved in, and the college we were going to attend in fall popped up on the screen. Even though this was not the traditional way our senior year was supposed to end, my teachers told us to come to school a day before our graduation. We celebrated our prom, trip, picnic, and graduation as we walked down the halls taking pictures at photo booths, getting snacks and stuff we would've received at prom and on the trip.



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