How covid changed my life

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How covid changed my life


Madison Faust


Fall 2020





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Westminster, Maryland

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My covid story starts with graduating high school which "graduation" was just picking up your diploma, no ceremony or anything thanks to this pandemic called covid-19. After graduating I attended McDaniel College in Westminster MD, and as soon as I got there I knew the world was not the same. The school kept us in our rooms and having to stare at a screen all day long for our education that is costing us thousands of dollars. They did not care about their students or their mental health. It was hard for me because my high school never did online classes so I was already behind because my classmates already did virtual learning with their high school. After a very hard semester at McDaniel I made the decision to transfer to ship where I am still struggling with online learning but the school does an amazing job with helping their students and making sure we know we are not alone. Covid did this world in , we went from completely empty shelves at the grocery store to know having a vaccine that was created in months. The biggest change was social life, I feel like now I have no idea how to meet or connect with people and now my classmates are just names on a screen in a zoom call.



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