My Personal Experience During the Covid-19 Pandemic: Education, Work & Social Life, Pros and Cons

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My Personal Experience During the Covid-19 Pandemic: Education, Work & Social Life, Pros and Cons


Ian Davis







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Central Pennsylvania, United States

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Covid Pandemic

Hello, my name is Ian Davis and I am a freshman at Shippensburg University studying finance with a personal financial planning concentration. I wanted to share a little bit of information regarding my personal Covid-19 pandemic experience and how it has affected my education, my work and social life, as well as some key pros and cons of the whole situation.
As we all know, the pandemic really hit the United States in the March of 2020. Schools shut down, restaurants closed, pretty much any form of entertainment was paused, and there was a shortage of essential goods like toilet paper and soap/hand sanitizer.

I graduated from high school in the May of 2020, so this all began when I was a senior. I got to experience most of my senior year as it should've been. We had football, basketball, homecoming, and up until March it was just a regular school year. In the middle of March, my school decided that we needed to do remote style learning through zoom and online content. All of this learning was optional, so I honestly did not do any of it and took the opportunity to get a full time job at a local warehouse, while also working at my part time job.

As a freshman in college, I would have to say that remote learning has its perks, but it is also very frustrating at times. With so many distractions in our modern world, it is very difficult to focus during instruction while staring at a computer screen for an hour or so. But at the same time, it is really nice being able to have the flexibility of where you can take the class. For instance, I live very close to my campus and I have a dorm, but I would say 60% of the time I am at home. Is that a waste of money? Yes, but that's besides the point. I really enjoy being able to participate in class from anywhere in the world and having material located online.
Work and Social Life:
As I mentioned previously, once my high school shut down and school work was optional, I took that opportunity to work a full and part time job. Working during a pandemic does have its regulations though. Workers are required to wear masks and maintain distance when possible. At both jobs we were required to take our temperature before entering the building. Besides that, I would say my work life really hasn’t changed at all.

When it comes to my social life that's a different story. In the beginning of the pandemic everything shut down and there wasn’t much to do. Restaurants closed, parks closed, and families became weary and didn’t allow friends to hang out. It was pretty boring and lonely for a little while. Then, around the fall of 2020 things began to open up and become somewhat normal and allowed me to take back a little portion of my social life

Pros and Cons:
Classroom flexibility
Shared struggle - gives people something to talk about and relate
Mask mandate
Closed businesses
Constant fear of “unknown”
No social events
Inability to focus during school



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