Graduating During a Pandemic

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Graduating During a Pandemic


Azariah Atiyeh







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Whitehall, Pennsylvania

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I graduated from Whitehall High School on June 4, 2020. Except it wasn't a typical graduation spent with crowds of people in a stadium or with the kids you grew up with. It was in my living room with my families television on. Now luckily I got to watch my classes live stream graduation with the people I love the most, my parents and brothers. But there was still something missing. I did not get to watch my best friends walk across that stage after all their hard work these past four years. I remember entering High school in 2016 so eager for my chance to walk across that stage. But I never got it. I got my picture plastered on a video with my name bolded beside it. And I watched as almost 400 people in my class got the same thing. We spent four years waiting for our big day only for it to never happen. I am grateful for my High school's efforts in celebrating class of 2020. Although it was not the desired outcome we had all hoped for at least we got something.



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