Shippensburg University COVID-19 Community Response Collection

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Shippensburg University COVID-19 Community Response Collection


A community-generated collection consisting of recollections, images, videos, and more submitted by Shippensburg University students, alumni, faculty, staff, administrators, friends, and family members.


Shippensburg University Archives & Special Collections

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Empty Shelves (toilet paper)
This is an empty toilet paper aisle at my local Walmart.

Last days of Senior year 2020
When we were sent home because of the virus, many of our school activities were just ending as well. I was looking forward to my last musical, play, and choir concert. While many of those things were miniscule compared to the devastation the virus…

Times of friendship during covid
Friends still enjoying each other time during this Pandemic

The Ever Rising Sun
A picture of the sunrise I took, this image gives me the feeling that it doesn't matter what goes on in life, and what you are facing the sun will always rise to wash away the past and bring on the present.

College at Home
Me spending time with my puppy since I am home all the time able to participate in college 100% online.

A car ride
Ever since quarantine started, I have needed a quick way to get out of the house to take time for myself. My car has been the way for me to do this. It was how I visited home, when staying on campus. Next, it was a way all my friends and I could…

Eagle Application
Application turned in March 2020 that was delayed by Covid for almost an entire year before being resolved due to continuous shutdowns and absences in the Scouting Organization.

Heading to get tested
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